Friday 9/4 wrap-up

It’s Friday! We’re almost through Week 2. A few quick announcements!

And don’t forget for next week (week 3!) we are starting a new unit focusing on the Risam book. Week 3 is about digital archives!

  • Summary video for week 2 will drop today/Friday
  • Intro video for week 3 will drop today/Friday
  • Unit B Lab/Building Block assignment will drop by Monday (due 9/18)
  • Discussion Leaders for week 3 need to post to the private course blog by Tuesday
  • Everyone else responds by Thursday
  • Discussion Leaders respond to responses

Please come to Zoom Student hours Mondays & Thursdays 2-3 pm Central if you have questions!

Use the Token System to request extensions and to revise/resubmit Incomplete work. (You need to actually submit something first in order to be able to revise/resubmit under the token system later.)

Have a great Friday!

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