Unit E Lab/Building Block: 3d Scanning

sceaux castle 3d model

This assignment gives you two different options! Each is very different, with different requirements (downloading software, working online, mostly offline) and different output. Read each one for the details.

  1. Pretend you want to scan something at the lab in the Library and propose a project. 
    • For this assignment you will read the 3D Printing Sheet Sheet created by the OU Libraries, pick an object to 3d model at a museum (such as the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History), watch the photogrammetry video and answer questions on the 3d Ethics Worksheet on scanning your object.
    • The full assignment for 3d scanning project proposal is online.
    • Evaluation: for credit, assignment needs to complete all the steps (object, image, link/credit, answer all questions) and demonstrate awareness of relevant issues from the course
  2. Create a 3d model from provided photographs (photogrammetry) using provided photographs or your own photographs (if you have a digital camera, not just a smart phone).
    • Follow this Photogrammetry tutorial online. You will need to download software for this assignment.
    • You don’t need to photograph an object (unless you want to). The tutorial has a link to photographs you will run through the software to create your model.
    • Evaluation: for credit, you need to post an image of something to the private student blog or your own website and a brief description of the object; citation/links to the tutorial and software used; anything else you want to add about your experience of the process.
    • Your image does not need to be a perfect scan/model — it can be messy

Due Friday November 13 11:59 pm.

Feature image is the 3d model I made from the photogrammetry tutorial

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