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Introductory Blog Post

For this assignment, you will write your first blog post: introduce yourself to the class! The basic parameters for the assignment follow.

Do not panic if you have technical difficulties. Come to my Zoom student hours! I can help!
Monday 2-3 pm plus extras
Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm
Wednesday 12:30-1:30 pm Central Time

Click here for canvas page with the link to the Zoom meeting

If you’ve never used WordPress (the software we’re using to create the blog on the web), you might want to check out this video I created walking you through it:

In your post, please:

  • Add some media (image, video clip, audio clip, gif, etc) related to a favorite movie, tv show, work of art, or song.
  • Tell us the SOURCE of your media (see my post and the video)
  • Tell us three things about you:
    1. your major(s) or department(s)
    2. something about why that favorite movie/tv show/book/art/song/poem is your favorite
    3. What do you think of when you think of “cultural heritage”? Add an image to illustrate!
  • Document and link back to the source of your image. (The link to a Google image search is not sufficient – link to the actual page the image is on.)  Two places you can search for things that AREN’T Google Images are Wikimedia Commons and Flickr (Flickr requires a login, but membership is free; they also have Flickr Commons with )
    • Be sure you have permission to share your image
    • On Flickr, Wikimedia, Wikipedia, and most museum websites, you will see a license for each image. Be sure the license includes the capability to SHARE the image.

To do this….

  • Go to and login using your userid and password for the blog.
  • In the Admin interface, click on POSTS, then ADD NEW
  • Create your awesome blog post.
  • Never used WordPress? Check out the video above walking you through it.
  • Be sure to add the Category “Intro” and relevant “tags”

To earn Satisfactory on this assignment, you must complete all the following elements:

  • Address the prompt!
  • At least two pieces of media required
  • Document your sources and link back to the sources of your media. Use clean links
  • Give your post a nice title; use the appropriate Category, and give it keywords
  • Reply substantively to 4 posts
  • Clear writing (free of errors that interfere with meaning — preferably free of errors.)

Due Wednesday August 23 noon 2020 for post; can take until Friday for responses.

[don’t be like Molly 🙂 ]


Introductions on discussion boards are the most genuine forms of interaction

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