Join Our Learning Community on a Blog

This semester our learning community will use a private blog for discussion of class readings, websites, and videos. No one outside the class will have permission to join/read/participate.

This is a fundamental requirement for the course–you can’t pass the class if you don’t complete this assignment. One extra token to every student who joins by NOON TUESDAY 8/25.

The email inviting you to the blog will go out Sunday!! Don’t try to start this assignment until Sunday. Thanks.

Grading rubric

This assignment will be graded on a basic checklist; if you’ve done these items, you receive a satisfactory. If you do them by noon Tuesday, it’s an Excellent + token.

  1. Reset your password and login to the student blog
  2. Set your profile names to what you want
    • Your display name must include either your first name or last name or nickname you wish people to know you by in real life. This is to build community. People in the course will know YOU only by this name and will call you this name. Mine will be Dr. S.
  3. Add a profile picture (under Avatar > Image on the Profile page of the Dashboard)

Link to the private blog if you need it (you should get an email to your OU email address though).

Tutorial is online here!

Print it out as a pdf!

You did it!

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