Unit B Lab/Building Block: A Digital Archive of Archives

For this assignment, we are going to collaboratively create a Digital Archive. Since we’re studying Archives in this unit, we will make an Archive of Archives!!

We will use the software Omeka to create our Digital Archive of Archives. All but one of the websites I assigned during Week 3 are created using Omeka! (The exception is NINES.) This is a rapid prototype of a digital archive — it will not be perfect, but it will give you a sense of one technology you can use to create a Digital Archive and some of the issues you need to think about when you add content to your archive.

For this assignment you will need:

  1. The URL for our Digital Archive
  2. Login info for the Digital Archive. CHECK YOUR EMAIL. Check the junk folder. If you don’t see it, go to the administrative page, click “Lost your password?, and enter your OU email address. Still stuck? Come to my Zoom Student Hours!
  3. TWO archives to add to our Digital Archive of Archives. These can be real physical archives (like the National Archives in DC), fictional archives (like the Imperial Archives in Star Wars Rogue One), or digital archives (like the sites you visited in Week 3).
    • At least one archive MUST be new to us, not studied in class already
    • One archive can be something from the class
  4. The Tutorial on how to add items to our archives.

You do not need to submit anything. The day after this assignment is due, I will go to the Digital Archive and grade the assignment based on what is there.

This Assignment will be graded Incomplete/Satisfactory/Excellent; you will receive credit for the Lab/Building Block for a Satisfactory/Excellent score. You can use the Token System for extensions and revisions. The assignment will be graded using the following rubric. To earn Satisfactory on the Assignment, 3 of the 4 criteria on the rubric need to be Proficient; the other criterion should be at Working toward Proficiency. Excellent = proficient in all Criteria.

Canvas Rubric for Archive assignment

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