Special Events as Bonus Opportunities!!! Earn more tokens, learn cool stuff

There are a TON of online events related to our course happening this semester.

  1. Attend any of them (or all of them!)
  2. Write about what you learned + how it relates to something from class on the blog
    • can be as short as a paragraph but MUST have details
    • label it with the Category “Special Events”
    • LINK to the official event page
  3. earn an extra token or two per event!

September 17 Roopika Risam, “Abolitionist Digital Pedagogies: Beyond ‘Decolonizing’ the Classroom”

  • email mcgill.digitalhumanities@gmail.com or check Canvas for a Zoom link
  • 1 pm Eastern Time / Noon Central (OU) time Thursday September 17
  • Post about it by Monday September 21

October 8-9 African Digital Storytelling Conference

October 22-23 OU Digital Humanities Symposium

  • Info and registration!
  • There will be two sessions — one the afternoon of the 22nd, and one the afternoon of the 23rd
  • Earn a token for each paper you attend and post about.

October 28-31 “Collaboration” Digital Humanities Conference

  • The schedule lists a keynote and a few panels on Indigenous Digital Humanities (which is one of our course units)
  • Registration required but the conference is free
  • Post about it by Tuesday November 3


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