Campus Closure 10/26-27

photo of 2007 ice storm OU

Update 10/29: classes are technically running but I know a lot of folks have no power. STAY SAFE.

Discussion Leader posts are now due Friday at noon. If you still have no power Friday don’t panic— we can move you to another week. Just get in touch when you have power.

Responses, Midterm Blog revisions no token required, and Unit D labs all due Sunday midnight.

*If you have power and want to get this week’s work out of the way you can post a Discussion leader Post instead of responses.* Trying to be flexible here.

Take care everyone.

Update 10/27 Campus has been closed through Wednesday 10/28. Discussion Leader questions are now due Thursday at noon and Week 10 Responses due Saturday noon.

Lab/Building Block and Token-free Revisions to Personal Blog Posts are still due Friday.

Take care everyone — I hope you are staying safe and warm and dry!

All instructional activities are shut down this afternoon and tomorrow, even online instruction.

Discussion Leaders: you can post questions by noon Wednesday instead of Tuesday (of course if you have internet and do them, that’s fine, but you can have until Wednesday if you need it, no tokens required, because of the closure).

Discussion responses will be due Friday instead of Thursday as a result.

Everything else due Friday — use the token system if you need extensions.

LMK if you have questions.

image of 2007 ice storm, The Oklahoman

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