What does a blog look like?

Some of you have said you don’t read a lot of blogs and are wondering what an academic blog looks like. Here are some examples. Keep in mind — some of them have content that would fulfill the criteria for the assignment, but not all do. So be sure to do the assignment! These are for inspiration.

Dr. Sarah Bond on the ancient world and digital humanities:

DHNow aggregates blogs on digital humanities and digital culture from all over. Here are a couple recent posts

Classics organization blog

English & Digital Humanities Dr. Alan Liu’s blog

Dr. Melissa Terras blog on digital humanities and digital cultural heritage

Dr. Ryan Cordell’s blog on English and Digital Humanities

Christy Hyman on digital geography and the discipline of geography

Dr. Miram Posner (Digital Humanities, Library Studies) blog

MacArthur Genius Award Winner Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom’s posts on Digital Sociology

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