Lab/Building Block Unit C: Crowdsourcing

Your assignment is to participate in and reflect on a history or cultural heritage crowd-sourcing project.  Most of these are transcription projects. 

1. Choose one of the following projects:

2. Participate in the project. You will usually need to

  • Read about the project
  • Register on the project site
  • Read the guide or instructions
  • Participate in the crowdourcing data collection (either by transcribing a historical document or in the case of the Library of Congress adding tags)

3. Write an analytical reflection on the Private Course Blog or your own website about your participation in the project. The reflection should contain:

  • An account of your participation in the project
  • A brief analysis of how the project (content and/or method of crowdsourcing) relates to course themes, including engagement with specific aspects of specific articles read in this unit in the Weekly Readings
    • consider not just “recovery” issues in Gallon but also issues in the two Earhart articles and in the Brown article!
  • Link to the project
  • Screenshot of your work on the project
  • Documentation of sources, clear style, etc.
  • Reflection should be approximately 2-3 paragraphs (can be longer)
  • Documentation of sources (edited 9/28 bc typo duplication)

To turn in your work, post the URL of your post to Canvas.

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