Personal Blog: Landing Page & Menu

For a website to convey information effectively, it needs to be well-organized.

For this assignment, student blogs/websites need:

  1. A landing page that somehow articulates what this site is.  The landing page may be the page of blog posts or a static page, but somehow it should be clear what the site is. (So if it’s a page of posts, then the title or sidebar or footer should be clear about the site.) The site does not need to be dedicated to this class. Use the site for what you want or need for an online presence! You do need to have a dedicated subdomain or category for this class though.
  2. A visible menu that can be navigated and allows readers to find material, especially the posts for this course.
    1. If your landing page doesn’t function as an About page, then you need a menu item for an About page (or an equivalent).
    2. The menu should also have a link to a list of all the posts for this class. Do this easy with a Category, like Cultural Heritage. Give each post for this class the Category and add the Category to the menu. Voila – your readers have a page of posts all for the class.
    3. Exception: if you are using a subdomain specifically for this class (such as instead of, and every post on that subdomain is for this class, you don’t need a Category. HOWEVER, be sure it is easy for readers to find your content; put all the posts on your landing page or use a category or have a page of posts linked in the menu or put links to individual posts in the menu.
  3. No template/boilerplate content visible or easily found. Get rid of all the lorem ipsum and hello world! and other templates and boilerplates please!

Other design issues such as color choice, format, font also help a website a lot, but those issues will not matter for a Satisfactory grade for this class.

This assignment is due at MidTerm. It must be passed at a Satisfactory or Excellent level by the end of the semester in order to pass the class. So you can revise and resubmit multiple times as long as you have Tokens. This assignment is part of the Blog assignment. Even if you get a passing grade, you can revise your landing page and menu later in the semester if you want to; it’s all good as long as you please stick to the above principles.

To “turn in” this assignment, post the main link to your website on Canvas under this assignment entry.


All posts will be evaluated Incomplete/Satisfactory/Excellent based on the above three criteria.

  • Incomplete = Assignment submitted but does not meet requirements for Satisfactory
  • Satisfactory = Proficient for all criteria.
  • Excellent = Proficient for all criteria and strong color/font/format choices that improve the design of the website   

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